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,Great Pyramid managing consultant Tejvinder Singh

THE Employer of Record (EoR) model allows organisations that are looking to expand into new global markets the ability to employ talents abroad without having an entity, along with the in-country expertise to do so compliantly.

“When you use an EoR, you rely on the provider to hire candidates on your behalf and take on the legal responsibility for complying with the local payroll and employment law,” said Tejvinder Singh, Managing Consultant at Great Pyramid.

“Embracing remote work and flexibility is fast becoming the predominant way to work, and this is exactly what we aim to provide for our business partners and clients.”

Tejvinder cited that Great Pyramid has 350+ business partners and clients from various sectors such as aviation, banking, construction, F&B, fintech, IT/technology, manufacturing and oil & gas.

“Our clientele ranges from SME’s right up to Fortune 500 companies. We strive to provide the highest level of service quality to all our clients.”

Being a one-stop HR solutions provider, Great Pyramid also provides executive search, contract staffing, immigration support, payroll and recruitment services.

“Organisations tend to appoint separate vendors for different HR services. A communication gap and a lack of understanding the needs of the client usually arises when there are many service providers for a single function. We are here to close that gap.”

Matching & upskilling talent

“Our executive search and recruitment arm uses data driven decisions to propose candidates to our clients. Year-to-date, this has resulted in 73% of our candidates being shortlisted for interviews.”

To complement its other HR solutions, Great Pyramid will be expanding into training and talent development. “Technology moves fast. Employees need to constantly upskill themselves to keep up with the shift towards automation, digitalisation and robotics. This is a key area employees and employers will need to invest in.”

Tejvinder also advised candidates and job seekers to sharpen their soft skills as hiring managers tend to look for these skills more during interviews.

“Combining experience and technology, our aspiration at Great Pyramid is to build a one stop centre for all HR services, both for employers and job seekers,” he said.

Job seekers will be able to upload their resume at the company’s booth D1 at myStarjob Fair 2022. Goodies and a resume clinic will also be available at the booth.

myStarjob fair 2022 will be held on 25th & 26th June at Pavillion Bukit Jalil with Great Pyramid participating as Diamond Sponsor. Their booth will be at D1. Admission is free.

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