HERE’S where we stand in 2022 after 60 years, save about two from 2018-2020, of Barisan Nasional rule.


There are more than 200,000km of road, 1,851km of rail and 18 ports and 22 airports in the country. Highways are mainly along the west coast of Semenanjung Malaysia while in East Malaysia, the only expressway is the Pan Borneo Highway.

Both state and federal roads are poorly maintained with potholes everywhere. This was confirmed by the works minister on June 20 when he revealed that an allocation of RM3.4 billion was needed to repair federal roads on the peninsula.

Outside major towns, especially in rural areas on the east coast of Semenanjung and East Malaysia, accessibility to roads is still limited 

Rail networks are concentrated in the west coast of the peninsula, especially within the Klang Valley. Outside these areas, rail network coverage is limited. 

Despite new roads and rail lines surrounding Klang Valley, traffic jams are becoming worse. Frequent flooding of roads in and around the city has worsened the traffic gridlocks, which are now to be expected whenever it rains. 

Punctuality and efficiency of intracity rails are still a work in progress. The less said about the buses and taxis, the better.


Twenty-six million of the the country’s population of 32 million are aged 16 and up; the number of smartphone users in Malaysia was estimated at 29 million as at end of 2021.

Despite the high number of users and five mobile service operators, connectivity is still restricted mainly to cities and town areas only. Outside these areas, connectivity is sketchy, oscillating between 3G and 4G. 

In rural areas, one can forget about going online. In East Malaysia, connectivity outside the towns is a luxury


Malaysia has abundant water resources and rainfall yet the nation suffers water shortages and water quality problems. 

The authorities claim that 100% of Malaysians have access to water but the reality on the ground is different, especially in Kelantan and East Malaysia, especially the interiors.

Even in the Klang Valley, water disruptions are frequent.

Ditto for electricity access.


Even though the government touts the public healthcare system as among the best in Southeast Asia, people living in the rural areas still lack access to clinics and hospitals.


Illegal logging is ongoing at various forests. Environmental degradation occurs undetected in pockets across the country and when exposed, illogical excuses or justifications are given to the public. Some even deny their occurrence despite photographic evidence

Forests reserves are quietly degazetted to make way for commercial development over protests from the people

Waste management practices still have a long way to go

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