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今天我们继续阅读:“Pocket Money”

Let's review the story first.

Biff did extra jobs, but she still won't get any more money.

Dad wanted them to share the jobs.

next day, the children played with the dinghy.

then, they walked along the beach.

They came to a little rocky cove.

A camera team was doing a fashion shoot.

After lunch Biff and Chip went with Mum to the little rocky cove.

The photographers had left a camera on a rock.

The tide was coming.

The camera would soon be under water.

What will happen next?

Let's find out together.

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Biff had an idea.

"The dinghy has a long rope.

I could paddle across quite safely, "she said.

Biff 有个主意。



dinghy 橡皮艇,小艇

Mum thought about this.


"Well, go and see what Dad thinks, "she said.

"But hurry up, "said Chip," or it will be too late."



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Chip 说:然则快点,否则就太晚了。

Why did Chip say it would be too late?

Because of the tide, the camera would soon be under water.

Biff ran to ask Dad.

Biff 跑已往问爸爸。

Dad came with Biff.

When he saw the camera he agreed to let Biff rescue it in the dinghy.

当爸爸看到照相机时,他赞成让 Biff 用小艇救出那台照相机。

"Just be careful, Biff," called Mum.

"It's all right, "said Biff," but look at the camera.

It's going to be under water any second."

妈妈说:小心点,Biff。小心 be careful

Biff 说:没关系,然则你们看看照相机。


any second 任何一秒,就是 “随时” 的意思

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Biff got to the camera just in time.

in time 就是 “实时” 的意思

Biff 实时赶到摄像机前。

She got the camera just before it was under water.

She put it in a plastic bag and Dad pulled the dinghy safely back.


"Hooray, ", said Kipper." The camera is safe.

"Biff to the rescue!" laughed Biff.

Kipper 说:万岁,相机平安了。

Biff 笑了:Biff 去救的!

Biff, you did good job!

The photographer took lots of pictures for that model.



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